Can’t We Just All Get Along?


These damn VIBE lists turned this entire podcast into wide-ranging debates about New School vs. Old School; MCs vs. Rappers; East vs. West (no violence); Should talented people ever retire or hang it up? Step aside so the new generation can take over?

Yup, this one got a lil crazy. Why can’t YN just listen that new Amerie single in peace? Oh well, our reality equals your entertainment. It’s all kismet. Ha!

Take It Personal #16


3 Responses to “Can’t We Just All Get Along?”

  1. LovesDanyElliott Says:

    I love that new Amerie song

  2. Mr.Londoner Says:

    Originators are always gonna get more props..

    Honestly, i hope i don’t grow up hating all new music.. wud suck to be like that.

  3. thaconoisseur Says:

    OMG…y’all…I just can’t. If I laugh ANYmore, I’m fuggin done. LMAO

    This is, no doubt, my favorite podcast so far. Mad schooling took place today (youngin’s take note please and thank you).

    Elliott – seriously on Amerie? Was it the breakbeat or the song on the whole? Truthfully? I love Amerie, but it sounds like something that could have been on her first album.

    Y’all are a trip. 🙂

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