Best. Week. Ever.


Yup. Crazy VIBE rumors. Blogger breakdowns. Cassie nudie flicks. Ditto Rihanna. Cam concert. Eminem album leaks. T.I. dismisses his artist. Hey you could say this past week has been pretty action-packed. The end result of all this fuckery: An even better podcast for those who need enlightenment with their entertainment. Listen and learn.

Sidebar: What’s Pete Rock got to do with this mess? Ha!

T.I.P. #15

Oh, and in case you missed it, we’re officially on  iTunes!

Type in danyelliott and subscribe to your favorite two scribes gettin’ their chat on.


2 Responses to “Best. Week. Ever.”

  1. Nappyheadjenkins Says:

    you guys sound a lil whiny and reactionary be brief or be direct in addressing the haters

  2. Tiara Says:

    Woah!!!! Elliott went super hard… You guys never disappoint… Keep making my Sunday’s entertaining.

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