The Gift Vol. 2


That’s right, we caught the Christmas spirit, and kept goin’, sharin’ our thoughts and views on the Orlando Magic’s big moves, the history of the stories that most impacted each of us, and even hip-hop’s Grammy’s takeover. And to top it all off, Danyel goes in on her love for holiday music. Grouches: fall back. Anybody got a mistletoe?

T.I.P. #30.5


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The Gift


Maybe it’s the joy of the holiday season. But for whatever reason, we invited Sam Han back to our home and resurrected our dormant podcast. Took a while to warm up—but we delve deep in all the hot new topics: from Obama and the “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal to the seemingly never-ending saga of Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj. Hey ladies! Plus: This is just the first hour. That’s right, we doubled up for the hungry danyelliott fans. Let freedom ring.

T.I.P. #30


The Return


Just when you thought it was safe, danyelliott has returned. Our first podcast of 2010. Is this a full-fledged comeback? We don’t know yet. But we did enjoy havin’ Sam back in our home and choppin’ it up on a range of topics—from Brooklyn’s Gorilla Coffee (Eureka! Monday soon come) to the sonic punch of “Thoia Thoing” to Kat Stacks. But obviously, the main reason we ended the hiatus of our popular podcast is the passing of Keith “Guru” Elam.

Gang Starr is one of the few musical acts that both Wilsons agree on. We’re fans. We’ve both covered Gang Starr extensively; have written many profiles/reviews about the duo. Elam’s death is a great loss, and we tried our best to address the controversy that still surrounds it. But no amount of melodrama can minimize the man’s musical contributions. We hope his legacy carries on to the next generation. Guru: Rest in peace.


Crazy World


Crappy weather. Power naps. Obama’s Afghanistan speech. Jay-Z joins hip-hop’s 40 Club. Overcoming procrastination. Writing tips. And, of course, the crazy saga of Mr. and Mrs. Eldrick Woods. Yup, the planet is filled with more craziness than you can shake a golf club at. Let danyelliott make sense of it for you. Enjoy your Sunday!

T.I.P. #28





Once again it’s on. Knick game. Carsten Charles Sabathia. Ray J. CB vs. Ri-Ri. Beans vs. Jay. And let’s take a pause for the cause to appreciate her Royal Highness. The Wilsons are gonna give it to you. Get it? Ha! We take the cake.

T.I.P. #27


Freedom Of Speech



It’s been a long time, we shouldn’t’ve left you. But thankfully, we’ve more than made up for it. Watch your favorite couple navigate a garden variety of topics: Bad coffee, Obama backlash, home improvement, TV talk, Derrion Albert, Whitney’s crappy CD, and the notion that we’re livin’ in a post-racial America. Raise your flag and salute us. Danyelliott’s back and you know, we could never be wack.

T.I.P. #26


Back To Basics



Okay, it’s been three weeks and danyelliott is back! Danyel got a new job. Rap Radar got remixed. Jay-Z’s concert spectacular. Stretch pants. Crushed beer cans. D.C. commutes. Great greetings. Irons in the fire. Nursing Rosie back to good health. Yup, you can’t say we didn’t come back strong. And we’ll carry on. Ha!

T.I.P. #25


True School



Another strange Saturday afternoon at home with the Wilsons. Old school rap. No, really old school rap. Vacations. Twitter vacations. Job opportunities. Horseback rides. The secret society of squash players. Just Blaze. Billboard records. The longest rap remix you’ve heard in a long time. And to top it off, our dog Rosie tried to pee on our super-engineer Sam. Ha!

T.I.P. #24


Back On The Block



Back in BK. Janky mics. Silent Sam. Rosie rumblin’ around the dinner table. Yup, danyelliott’s home! A garden variety of old and new music, home renovation, Adam Sandler flicks, and John Hughes remembrance talk. A strange but still satisfying one. Suitable for your Sunday sun-filled adventures. Salute!

T.I.P. #23


Number One Spot



What does YN make of Jay-Z’s new single? What’s Danamo’s story behind 2Pac’s classic debut? How fresh is the Wilsons’ new fridge? Can Whitney Houston make a real comeback? And is danyelliott actually co-signin’ a new Roots tune? All that and much more on another studio-recorded quality demo. Larry Flick says we got something here.

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