Think Big


Larry Flick’s favorite show turns 17. Can you believe it? We can’t. But you know we got a good thing goin’ so why stop? Catch a face full of dry apple pie, haters. We make time—to make history. Get in the game! You got questions. We got answers. Why did YN ban Charles Hamilton? Where are all the female MCs? What’s in lentil soup? When’s the last time you had good sangria? Should you unfollow Diddy on Twitter? And can anyone make a hit record?

Take It Personal #17 Link

Stream and iTunes soon. Ooh wee!


3 Responses to “Think Big”

  1. Damon Says:

    Before I even listen: Anyone can make a hit record these days, unfortunately. William Hung, anyone? Soulja Boy made a “hit” record about … yeah. Eddie Murphy’s “Party All The Time” …

    The problem is who’s listening more so than the record being made. But ya’ll already know this. *Listening now*

  2. Andre Says:

    Agreed (to Damon). And to answer the question about all the female emcess: They’re all on reality TV shows getting pruned and manicured on shows like Charm School; or on the other hand they’re living out their “hip-hop” lifestyles on shows like the “Bad Girls Club”…or they’re in jail (think: Remy Ma)

    **And I had a good sangria a few weeks ago 😉

  3. DJ Feenix Says:

    One issue with these new Cudis/Hamiltons/etc is that they have a skewed sense of self. … I’m reading an article in Newsweek about Sotomayor and the overwhelming impression is that she worked within the system wherever she went, and especially when she was at Princeton. And these kids have no idea they the system is going to fight back and win against everyone except that special none-percent. Jay worked within the system. 50, for all his eccentricities, worked within the system. … Here’s another Two Words [(c) K. West]: Know Thyself.

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