Please Listen To Our Demo Pt 2


Please Listen To Our Demo



Finally danyelliott gets a chance to record a podcast in a real studio! And you best believe we live up to the hype. The closing of VIBE. The return of Ma$e. The strength of Yo-Yo. Jay-Z vs. The Game. The topics are endless. And is that Sam on the mic? Top it all off with the musical stylings of Barry Manilow. That’s right, Barry Manilow. Once again, in two parts. Give us a radio show!

T.I.P. #21 Part One

T.I.P. #21 Part Two

Sidebar: Larry Flick rules everything around us.

We Think about the Good Times Part 2


We Think About The Good Times



During our vacation in desert land, we dealt with the shocking and sad news of the sudden passing of the Greatest Music Artist of All Time. Yup, we said it! Sorry Elvis. No shade, Beatles. In fact, we had so much to say about Mike, we decided on the fly to do our first two-part podcast. Hopefully, you’ll be entertained and educated. If you’re not familiar with the man’s legendary catalogue, please educate yourselves. Lives end but music is eternal. R.I.P. MJ. We love you.

T.I.P. #20 Part 1[Right-click, “Save As”] Megaupload

T.I.P. #20 Part 2[Right-click, “Save As”] Megaupload

Hey Nineteen



A strange Steely Dan-filled afternoon with reflections on the origin of the podcast, our anniversary recap, the power of a good live show, and of course what’s eating Charles Hamilton this week. Those damn Twitter questions. We’re ready for our vacation!

T.I.P. #19

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Put Yourself On Then



Harlem Tupperware shoe parties. Dinners with slaves. Filipino cocktail parties. Lebron the poor sport. Non athletic first baseman. Iced green tea. A manic YN can’t stop playing the new Jay-Z while Danyel keeps on dancin’ as the generation gap debate rages on.

Yup, we’re legal, y’all. And thanks to Larry Flick, the fun is about to really begin.

Take It Personal #18! Link.

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Think Big



Larry Flick’s favorite show turns 17. Can you believe it? We can’t. But you know we got a good thing goin’ so why stop? Catch a face full of dry apple pie, haters. We make time—to make history. Get in the game! You got questions. We got answers. Why did YN ban Charles Hamilton? Where are all the female MCs? What’s in lentil soup? When’s the last time you had good sangria? Should you unfollow Diddy on Twitter? And can anyone make a hit record?

Take It Personal #17 Link

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Can’t We Just All Get Along?



These damn VIBE lists turned this entire podcast into wide-ranging debates about New School vs. Old School; MCs vs. Rappers; East vs. West (no violence); Should talented people ever retire or hang it up? Step aside so the new generation can take over?

Yup, this one got a lil crazy. Why can’t YN just listen that new Amerie single in peace? Oh well, our reality equals your entertainment. It’s all kismet. Ha!

Take It Personal #16

Best. Week. Ever.



Yup. Crazy VIBE rumors. Blogger breakdowns. Cassie nudie flicks. Ditto Rihanna. Cam concert. Eminem album leaks. T.I. dismisses his artist. Hey you could say this past week has been pretty action-packed. The end result of all this fuckery: An even better podcast for those who need enlightenment with their entertainment. Listen and learn.

Sidebar: What’s Pete Rock got to do with this mess? Ha!

T.I.P. #15

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Love And Marriage



For episode #14, what’d you think we spoke about it.

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