The Return

Just when you thought it was safe, danyelliott has returned. Our first podcast of 2010. Is this a full-fledged comeback? We don’t know yet. But we did enjoy havin’ Sam back in our home and choppin’ it up on a range of topics—from Brooklyn’s Gorilla Coffee (Eureka! Monday soon come) to the sonic punch of “Thoia Thoing” to Kat Stacks. But obviously, the main reason we ended the hiatus of our popular podcast is the passing of Keith “Guru” Elam.

Gang Starr is one of the few musical acts that both Wilsons agree on. We’re fans. We’ve both covered Gang Starr extensively; have written many profiles/reviews about the duo. Elam’s death is a great loss, and we tried our best to address the controversy that still surrounds it. But no amount of melodrama can minimize the man’s musical contributions. We hope his legacy carries on to the next generation. Guru: Rest in peace.



3 Responses to “The Return”

  1. Mr.Londoner Says:

    Missing the podcast, with Juan Epstien no where to be heard.. its a sad time for good Hip-Hop podcasts

  2. J.C Says:

    Where are you guys? Damn, the journey into work is official dead! If you could reup the dead links that would be appreciated guys!

  3. chenetlarose Says:

    Welcome back!!!

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