Crazy World

Crappy weather. Power naps. Obama’s Afghanistan speech. Jay-Z joins hip-hop’s 40 Club. Overcoming procrastination. Writing tips. And, of course, the crazy saga of Mr. and Mrs. Eldrick Woods. Yup, the planet is filled with more craziness than you can shake a golf club at. Let danyelliott make sense of it for you. Enjoy your Sunday!

T.I.P. #28



2 Responses to “Crazy World”

  1. keith murphy Says:

    Keep it coming…I love this shit!

  2. hira555 Says:

    Ya’ll had me in tears…keep these coming! LOL 2 smart, silly, funny and intelligent people (cute couple too). “Golf CLUBS…IRONy” IRON…get it?? lol

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