Freedom Of Speech


It’s been a long time, we shouldn’t’ve left you. But thankfully, we’ve more than made up for it. Watch your favorite couple navigate a garden variety of topics: Bad coffee, Obama backlash, home improvement, TV talk, Derrion Albert, Whitney’s crappy CD, and the notion that we’re livin’ in a post-racial America. Raise your flag and salute us. Danyelliott’s back and you know, we could never be wack.

T.I.P. #26



3 Responses to “Freedom Of Speech”

  1. Betty Reid Soskin Says:

    Love this format, Danyel. Took a while to get into it, but its alive and real and the candor and unstructured form draws one in — and won’t let go. I particularly enjoyed the way you so expertly continued to expand the limits of the conversation — without putting anyone else down.

    Keep it up!


  2. Mumia Says:

    This is a personal conundrum for me, because I was one of the people who was highly offended by the nappy headed hoes remark and I wasn’t feeling Asher Roth from the beginning… but I can’t say I’m mad about this one because I pretty much agree with him here.

    President Obama has two wars going on simultaneously and it looks like it could be three by the end of the year, but based on whats going on right now, and we must not forget the whole Guantanamo fiasco; how is it even possible for him to win this award? People shouldn’t be too surprised though because Obama certainly isn’t the first non deserving recipient and this just serves to cement the fact that this award has lost all credibility in recent years.

    Just to be so clear though, I supported Obama’s election campaign and I knew before hand where his donations were coming from and yet and still the brother spoke with such eloquence that I fell for it for it just like y’all. Now with some time in office its starting to look like we will not see the change we voted for with Obama. Real change is an idea whose time has not yet come.

    Whats sad is that most of us have emotionally invested so heavily in this historic nomination that we will fight and defend him tooth and nail because we somehow see attacks on him as attacks on us. The truth is that Obama does not identify with us and has gone out of his way to demonstrate this time and again.

  3. Ryan Dager Says:

    Yet another quality post. I posted a plug for this blog at mine. Anyway, I am sure many people forget the points you are discussing.

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