Number One Spot


What does YN make of Jay-Z’s new single? What’s Danamo’s story behind 2Pac’s classic debut? How fresh is the Wilsons’ new fridge? Can Whitney Houston make a real comeback? And is danyelliott actually co-signin’ a new Roots tune? All that and much more on another studio-recorded quality demo. Larry Flick says we got something here.

T.I.P. #22 Link


2 Responses to “Number One Spot”

  1. negrita Says:

    re. whitney houston…that’s exactly it! effortless phrasing. she sings like it’s breathing. it seems to come so easily to her.

    i can’t wait for the album, for real. *skips off to listen to ‘Whitney!’ and dance with somebody*

  2. don Says:

    OMG. I continue to tell people that Umbrella is one of the better songs ever produced, and they ridicule me. At least I know that I am not alone in my Thumbs Up for this song.

    Ahh. LOL.

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