Please Listen To Our Demo


Finally danyelliott gets a chance to record a podcast in a real studio! And you best believe we live up to the hype. The closing of VIBE. The return of Ma$e. The strength of Yo-Yo. Jay-Z vs. The Game. The topics are endless. And is that Sam on the mic? Top it all off with the musical stylings of Barry Manilow. That’s right, Barry Manilow. Once again, in two parts. Give us a radio show!

T.I.P. #21 Part One

T.I.P. #21 Part Two

Sidebar: Larry Flick rules everything around us.


4 Responses to “Please Listen To Our Demo”

  1. Tiara89 Says:

    Ok once again, you guys just made my Sunday… You seriously need to consider getting your own radio show…

  2. thaconoisseur Says:

    “But he’s Canadian!” LMMFAO

    Don’t let our sweet disposition fool you!

    (But seriously, yes – the greasy pedophile look always leaves me speechless.)

    As for that Cam & Mase track: you’re really beside yourself aren’t you Dany, both your dudes on one track. I am not able…LOL

    *LIGHTERS for Barry and all the old CHUNES you guys played. Sweetness.* Danyelliot needs to do an “old school chunes” podcast. Please and thank you.

  3. khal Says:

    you should definitely have your own show. that’s my word. i’d listen to this, a dope weekly rundown from you guys? great work!

  4. negrita Says:

    eh…Game ruined his whole comeback with all that nonsense yappin’ at the end. weak!

    haha ‘he’s canadian.’–hee.

    and awesome reaction at the beginning of ‘Pretty Wings’. 🙂

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