We Think About The Good Times


During our vacation in desert land, we dealt with the shocking and sad news of the sudden passing of the Greatest Music Artist of All Time. Yup, we said it! Sorry Elvis. No shade, Beatles. In fact, we had so much to say about Mike, we decided on the fly to do our first two-part podcast. Hopefully, you’ll be entertained and educated. If you’re not familiar with the man’s legendary catalogue, please educate yourselves. Lives end but music is eternal. R.I.P. MJ. We love you.

T.I.P. #20 Part 1[Right-click, “Save As”] Megaupload

T.I.P. #20 Part 2[Right-click, “Save As”] Megaupload


3 Responses to “We Think About The Good Times”

  1. Danj! Says:

    hell with it, YN… I never learned to ride a bike either. it’s ok.

    and yep, Michael Jackson is unbelievable. he’s not gonna be matched popularity-wise or performance-wise. once in a lifetime thing.

    def. remembers ‘this be the def beat’… remembers clark cutting, then he opens the jacket and shows the superman shirt, LOL

    wow, thanks for ‘good times’… i forgot about it… damn.

    Jackie’s #1 part ever is on ‘the love you save’… when he did ‘don’t you know! don’t you know!’ nigga was rockin’!

    and yeah, “one in a million you” kills me. i’ll be happy if i never hear that song again.

    too many thoughts to leave in a comment section… but damn, man. i’m definitely gonna miss Michael.


  2. Nah Right » Blog Archive » Video: YN Speaks about Michael Jackson to CNN Says:

    […] UPDATE: DanyElliott’s “Take It Personal” Podcast #20: M.J. Edition […]

  3. soulsupreme Says:

    The podcast was dope. My questions made the show! I think you both put MJ’s life and musical legacy in a realistic & respectful context. Normal media will try to sensationalize the negative aspects of his life, even in death. Kudos for keeping it real.


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