Hey Nineteen


A strange Steely Dan-filled afternoon with reflections on the origin of the podcast, our anniversary recap, the power of a good live show, and of course what’s eating Charles Hamilton this week. Those damn Twitter questions. We’re ready for our vacation!

T.I.P. #19

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7 Responses to “Hey Nineteen”

  1. ZETAZEN Says:

    Interesting Podcast this week guys. I’m really not into live shows, but the three I saw that were just memorable were the following:

    The Jacksons at the Cap Center in 1988
    Prince at the Cap Center in 1988
    Janet Jackson at the MCI now Verizon Center in 2001

    From what I can tell from your relationship…opposites do attract. lol 🙂

  2. thaconoisseur Says:

    Another with a horrible penchant for not singing their songs is, Jaguar Wright. She is a HOT MESS. I was so disappointed! How do you start a song and stop at the intro and say – “I don’t wanna sing that shit no mo’…” WHAT??!! I was as nice as I could be in the review.

    And Dany, you need to see Billy Joel. I saw him a couple of years ago and the man is a monster on the keys. Wicked show.

  3. EricDonDivaMag Says:

    Another great P-Cast… You 2 have an awesome chemistry and i’d be lucky to find that in someone. Danyel is hilarious… A Keys on the hook,lol… Elliott, I been a fan of your work and reviews and thats how i read. I am guilty of being a scanner,lol

  4. Danyel Smith Says:

    i really do need to see Billy Joel. : )

  5. GootThounty Says:

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  6. keondra. Says:

    i love the “woooo” when your jam comes on. don’t you just love how a good song can make you feel?!

  7. Herman Hanegan Says:

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