A Dozen Easter Eggs


Our niece Parker Drew was the first guest of a danyelliott podcast. Fresh from California, the spectacular six-year-old added some insight about her solo trip to New York and her love for Beyonce, while the Wilsons chopped it up in regards to the regular music industry minutia: Cassie’s haircut, Bill O’ Reilly’s hate for Eminem, and South Park’s Kanye assassination. Enjoy your holiday with fam and friends.


P.S. This is episode #12 and yes, we’ll be on iTunes soon. Thanks for asking.


6 Responses to “A Dozen Easter Eggs”

  1. Mr.Londoner Says:

    aww sheet..

    sounds like another good one..

  2. Kevin English Says:

    Parker Drew was a welcome addition to this weeks’ podcast. Its amazing the effect that little people have on our world and conversations. Although I haven’t been listening for long, you all seemed more focused than I’ve ever heard before. Many of the topics reverted back to Parker’s arrival and her overall well being. Love it. Happy Easter! Also…thanks for addressing my question!!! I follow both @danamo and @rapradar and despite your position in the industry, your twitter conversations are meant to inform without being narcissistic. Thanks for that.

  3. khal Says:


  4. sindanu Says:

    Keep up the good work
    Big Up from Paris France !

  5. RosyG Says:

    Danyel! I don’t have an email for you so here I am. Listen, you MUST check out the short film “LOCKS” at the Delta/Fly-In TRIBECA site. It was all filmed in Oakland, by my wonderful former student, Ryan Coogler. He was in my freshman comp class at St. Mary’s in ’04 and is now in film school at USC. LOCKS is the first short he’s been allowed (by program rules) to enter into competition and he’s not only one of five finalists for the TRIBECA/FLY-IN, he’s also been chosen for the “Emerging American Filmmaker Showcase” in CANNES (also for the Oakland short, LOCKS). I’m so proud and happy and something tells me you want to know about him.


    (They change the order of the films. Currently his is the 4th one down.)

    And if anyone’s wondering, this isn’t SPAM. Right, D?

  6. thaconoisseur Says:

    Little Miss Parker Drew is PRECIOUS! I thought she was going to pass out when you played Beyonce, but that pitched scream for Hanna Montana clearly showed where her allegiance lies…lol

    And regarding that “Sugarfree” remix, for the longest while, I would argue it was Rakim. Until I found out otherwise. Nuts.

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