Twitter Mania!


On this episode, we mostly field Twitter questions which lead to interesting discussions about danyelliott’s differing views on music analysis, the importance of DJs, YN’s SXSW adventures, social networking celebrities gone wild and candid advice for the next generation of journalists. Yup, you get your money’s worth.

T.I.P. #11


11 Responses to “Twitter Mania!”

  1. Mr.Londoner Says:

    awesome.. my sunday lie-in is complete..

  2. Courtney Says:

    When will I be able to download the podcast automatically from iTunes??

  3. TC Says:

    Weezy Dot Net baby pleasseee say the Dot Net babyyyyy lol

  4. khal Says:

    most podcasts drop science, yall droppin english

  5. franchise Says:

    good listen and thanks for using the question! you can thank sam for the heads up. it was cool to hear the couples version of the Juan Epstein argument of emotional versus analytical takes on hip-hop. and for the record, drake is good but not great. listen to it one more time.

  6. Floyd D. Hobson Says:

    I think you all told things in such a perspective that many never thought about….especially me.

  7. Tiara Says:

    I think I’m going to have to disagree Danyel. We all know Souljaboy songs sound good… but we also know that they (and him) are wack as hell.

  8. flexo Says:

    welcome back again. Always good to hear you guys. I got to comment on the title of the show and the gang starr song. Actually Guru’s talking about YZ, who felt that gang starr bit “in control of things” on the No more mr nice guy lp and YZ and tony D responded with a song called get of the rhythm on the music makes you move lp. The same lp that Tony d says naughty by nature lifted the beat from OPP. One last thing. YN can you back away from the mic when you laugh? My next door neighbors dogs start barking when you laugh! Just kidding….

    Oh and Nerd? Yes, but I learned from the best: the ego trip crew.. Respect

  9. DJ BackSide Says:

    thanx for answering my question! 🙂

  10. khal Says:

    RIP Tony D…

  11. Qblackman Says:

    Where is the new podcast.

    Elliot I had to unfollow you on twitter because your RapRadar tweets were frequent and annoying and looks like spam. I liked when you use to comment only, not send 50-11 links. Why not get a separate twitter for rap radar?
    I love the RR site tho and check it daily!

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