Welcome Back!


It’s been a long time we shouldn’t left you but we’ve righted the wrong—the danyelliott podcast is back in full effect. Here’s your Sunday afternoon medicine, drink up!

Sidebar: This is technically podcast #10. There is a #9. Danyel owns the master. Holla at your girl.




7 Responses to “Welcome Back!”

  1. khal Says:


  2. Kevin English Says:

    Glad to have y’all back. Sunday’s just aint feel right without u…

  3. khal Says:

    i’m with you on that phone ish, YN. in today’s world, how can someone run a website but not be good with e-mail?!

  4. Jo Says:

    so glad you are back… looking forward to listening this afternoon when all my work is done… your podcast will be my treat at the end of the day 🙂

  5. Lianne Says:

    Bout time!! I know you have been busy but y’all left us hangin LOL

  6. thaconoisseur Says:

    And there they are. 🙂 Welcome back y’all.

  7. Soulrific Says:

    Cablevision? Feel for your guys. Comcast provides BBC.

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