Crazy Eight


Another wild ride as your favorite couple weighs on all pop culture’s super-sized topics: Chris Brown and Rihanna’s domestic dispute, The NY Post racist cartoon, Oscars and the crazy pregnant lady. Plus thrown in the mix are past magazine war stories, innocent crushes, Flo Rida’s new hit and the swagger-rific white boy above. We still challenge you to find a better way to spend your Sunday.


7 Responses to “Crazy Eight”

  1. khal Says:

    i dont think much else is going on on Sunday afternoons. loving it.

  2. AB Frasier Says:

    lol…great episode this week. as far as the black history month fiasco goes just take a look at what morgan freeman had to say about it:

  3. Kevin English Says:

    I’ve been missing out on you all…but now I’m in the know. I’ll definitely be back for more next weekend!

  4. BIG CED Says:

    What’s up peoples! Mr. Elliot Wilson, I GAVE PROPS to Queens!!! R.I.F. READ, my brother, READ!!!!!

  5. bex Says:

    just finished this one and had to add a comment re: Leo. I was not a big fan of his acting, nor did I think he was particularly hot. But then I saw him in “Blood Dimond,” where he somehow manages to make an evil South African diamond poacher vulnerable and likeable. Also check him in “The Departed” opposite Jack. These two films really show he has come of age as an actor. I think he is among the best of the next generation.

  6. flexo Says:

    where the new episode? y’all are laggin…

  7. khal Says:

    did you guys abandon Take It Personal? you challenged me, and now i spend my sunday nights putting furniture together.


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