Grammy Family


Damn that was close. We almost went a whole Sunday without a new danyelliott podcast. Of course, we couldn’t let our devoted fans down. So even though we’re extremely busy rippin’ and runnin’ through the city of Lost Angels we had to take the time to provide you with a good time. And to think, this is just part 1. Ha! We got more in store. See ya at the Grammy’s tonight.

Bonus: danyelliott On The Go: A Failed Experiment

P.S. Yup WMA files for now. Sam “Upgrade U” Han will be remixing and remastering these bad boys from the NYC but we had to give up the goods ASAP. Time waits for no one, son.


7 Responses to “Grammy Family”

  1. Mr.Londoner Says:

    scheez.. no break for you guys..

    applaud the consistency

  2. khal Says:

    danyelliott, my grammy family, YN used to write articles bout jay-z

  3. qblackman Says:

    people still use Windows? lol

    This post is late. I wanted it yesterday,get it right D E.

  4. khal Says:

    nigga, you late.

  5. qb Says:

    This episode started out good. The Whitney Houston stories were awesome. But at the end we were forced to listen to you two watch basketball? WTF? I skimmed it then deleted it. Yawn
    step your game up.
    Thanks for the free podcast though. It has potential

    • danyelliott Says:

      thanks for the feedback! we are in the process of stepping our game up as we speak. but we really didn’t “force” u to listen, right? : )

  6. Soulrific Says:

    Cool recap.

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