Five Rings


Usually we record on Saturday, but this time we did it on Friday, at the end of a long work week. So: Elliott is manic, Danyel is kinda tired and no we’re not OT at this year’s Super Bowl—which was the reason we taped on Friday night in the first place. Topics? Grammy nominations. The bloody battle for Internet Domination. The boss Rick Ross’ homage to Special Ed’s magnificence. Oh and Elliott’s ability to treat strippers and go-go dancers like the dainty debutantes they really are. See ya at Grammy’s. We promise!


One Response to “Five Rings”

  1. Tha Connoisseur Says:

    Elliott: OL’ HEAD? Don’t let me get West Indian on you. Seriously…LOL (Johnny Carson’s Carmac, Special Ed’s lyrics – I am of age, five years less than you, but enjoy the oldies THANK YOU!)

    Dany – You need to just let the cussin’ rip. It’s starting to simmer and will soon boil over. You know this…lol

    Y’all are both out of control. Love it.

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