The Famous Pink Bull

This is my favorite non-alcoholic cocktail. My favorite because I made it up. I’ve never tasted Red Bull, ever. 

Start with one large glass, with ice.

superstock_1532r-6035Fill about half way up with seltzer (I use plain, but flavored would probably be nice, too). Add enough coconut water  (I use VitaCoco most of the time, any flavor, though Zico is excellent, too, when I can find it) to fill the glass almost to the top.





And then top off with a splash of Pom.



A tiny splash. Just enough to make it pink. I tend to use Pom Blueberry (with the purple cap), but any flavor will do. FYI if you’re on certain meds, watch your intake of pom juice of any brand.

This drink is really tasty. Not too sweet. Not too, too bubbly. Kind of a pick-me-up. And, not that I should know, but it’s good the morning after a night of “partying.”

It’s difficult, when you’re busy, to eat and drink healthily. But this is my healthy soda pop. Elliott gags on it. After one sip, he refused to ever taste it again, let alone drink it. But he will make it, sometimes, when I’m fiending for a glass of it. 


13 Responses to “The Famous Pink Bull”

  1. khal Says:

    my wife sweats Pom. i’m not a fan but its not bad. maybe i’ll put her onto the pink bull…

  2. Lianne Says:

    Ummmm that sounds AMAZING. Adding all those things to my shopping list…

  3. tha Connoisseur Says:

    Ok, you KNOW I am cracking up that you put this recipe up…lol Now THE CAKE lady!! Patiently waiting!! 🙂

  4. mama's got moxie Says:

    gonna give that one a try!! sounds pretty good. 🙂

  5. DJ TREATS Says:

    needed something new and original to wash down my homecooking.

  6. Coolhand Luke Says:

    Hilarity Danyel. I can’t say that this one is up my alley but thanks for supplementing the podcast with this bonus material. Im eating way too much peanut butter and jelly! I need weekly ideas! Thanks!

  7. Mimi Says:

    this doesnt sound like my taste… but im willing to try just because i have no idea what to expect.

  8. trace Says:

    only thing ive ever had from those ingredients is the ice, lol. but hey, i won’t knock it till i try it.

  9. Lianne Says:

    Just made one last night and LOVE……

  10. Says:

    Pleeeeeease tell me it’s OK for me to swipe this recipe for my cocktail series. I’d love to post it and give you ALL the credit! 🙂

  11. Says:

    You’ve got it!! 🙂

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