For The People


Could it be a bitter cranky Saturday at the danyelliott Castle? Ha! Elliott goes ape shit over Twitter flirts, and his Facebook fiasco. Danyel’s not feelin’ Obama’s swearing-in snafu and people mistakin’ kindness for weakness. Throw in Special Ed. Wale. Hiero. Shirea L. Carroll. Twitter’s djbigdaddy, and Solange Knowles. And it’s all just another week in the life of danyelliott. Thanks, as always, to Sam Han for riding shotgun.


13 Responses to “For The People”

  1. W. Says:

    what’s the purpose of the trina pic?

  2. Sw33tz Says:

    Loved it mama!

  3. W. Says:

    oh…i got it. disregard my question.

  4. yumo Says:

    I know y’all said the podcast was wack, but y’all good together. The legitimization of Trina is what the people need.

  5. THEflyGIRL Says:

    First, I am love love loving these podcasts! They’re getting better and better each time. The sheer chemistry between you guys is palpable.

    But I had to chime in on Danyel’s comment about not feeling like she has anyone to ‘complain’ or ‘unburden’ to…

    People are always SO quick to ask for validation. It’s crazy how little credit we all have personally with one another. But I’ve adopted one of my favorite quotes as my own.

    “We ask ourselves, ‘Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous?’ But the truth is, who are we not to be?”

    Girl do you. If you’re feeling it – then you’re not feeling it. And to hell with someone else’s perception.

  6. SneakerQueen Says:

    Great job again!

    “Pain is love” people…lol!

    Your Royale Flyness,

    ~ Queen.

  7. khal Says:

    Danyel – you do have a place to complain, right here on your podcast. I think the heads who listen to this aren’t your average rap/media head. We actually sympathize. Well, I do.

    ROFL @ YN dropping names like 4 minutes into the podcast. I love it.

    I thought this episode was good. You won’t bat a thousand with each one.

  8. KingM1 (twit me) Says:

    I agree with D.Smith this podcast was kinda hurt.
    Here is my order so far 1>3>2>4
    Don’t forget this week is Plies Week!

  9. Jazz Day Says:

    I just want to say I love your podcast show (its real) keep up to good work

  10. DJ TREATS Says:

    Damn YN, who knew harnessing the power of social networking (EARLY) would breed envy?

  11. Coolhand Luke Says:

    This one wasn’t my favorite, but thanks for the Oakland Hiero story! And Elliott, I was listening to this at my homegirl’s spot and her and her roomies found ur facebook rant HILARIOUS. Keep grinding, and Ima keep coming with questions! THanks for the shout

  12. ThatTdotGuy Says:

    Facebook is the SHIT! People just don’t realize the power in having 5,000 friends. I’m at 3,700 and a bit and people try to hate on me. BUN DEM! And do yo thing play boi!!!

  13. Trina "Blame It Freestyle" | Rap Publicity info Says:

    […] freestyles from Weezy’s ex. The only person who might seriously be wanting to check her rhymes is Danyel Smith; I imagine the rest of you are just trying to see how the booty […]

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