3 Peat


Sometimes you gotta let the work speak for itself. After listening we think you’ll agree that this might be the best one we’ve done so far. So, hey—like they say the third time’s the charm. Don’t be a shook one —you can leave a comment. It’s okay to admit you listen. Ha!



P.S. The art will make sense soon. Maybe one day I can get Dany to tell her showdown-with-the-Heiroglyphics story. Ha! It’s a doozy!


11 Responses to “3 Peat”

  1. SneakerQueen Says:

    You two make me feel stalker-ish! LOL!

    What a couple!

    Your Royale Flyness,

    ~ Queen.

  2. SneakerQueen Says:

    And Danyel’s “Mirror” analogy…priceless!

    I couldn’t articulate it when arguing with my people, but mahhnn, and Yes!…we all wanted him to Win.

    Your Royale Flyness,

    ~ Queen.

  3. Nadine G. Says:

    Before today, I’ll admit that I WAS like, “Damn, they’re good… How sweet! They’re just on here with each other ‘ki-ki-ing’ it up… They probably NEVER fight.”

    The flow between you two in conversation is so effortless and breezy. Intelligent and fun. I think about me and my boyfriend lying in bed, talking about the most random shit for hours, when I listen to y’all. Glad you’re doing this.

  4. danyelliott podcast episode 3 « Caught in the Web Says:

    […] 18, 2009 by SH Take It Personal Episode 3 Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)- Episode 44Sega Fan Club Podcast Show #1 […]

  5. khal Says:

    LOL @ YN’s “make it pretty!” comment. great episode, def keeps getting better.

  6. DontHateBeHated Says:

    Best one yet…. Shout Out to boy YN. Lets Go!!

  7. Coolhand Luke Says:

    Great episode guys. And thank you for the shout out! Much appreciated. Glad you spoke on the jealousy piece cuz i feel like that’s some of the realest shit couples wrestle with routinely. I’m still trying to get a handle on it myself. Everything that was said was on point, now if I can just close that gap between understanding and applying, theory and action.

    That pink soda stuff sounded lightweight nasty Danyel, but I think your healthy eating tip of the week should be a staple. It gives the show a certain structure and promotes healthy living in a city in which we can stray from that all too easily.

    The twitter questions are a good idea in general- sort of your podcast’s 21st century answer to radio call-ins. You can infuse the conversation with new voices while avoiding rambling callers asking questions you don’t care to address. Plus, the 140 character limit ensures folks cut to the chase. Keep it up guys! I’m on board

  8. tha Connoisseur Says:

    I so needed the jokes and lively banter today, I knew just were to go to get it too. I caught up on both your shows and as usual, thoroughly enjoyed them.

    Keep ’em coming, suspect or not – do the damn thing, it can only get better. 🙂

  9. your attorney Says:

    Love this. I am really enjoying the way you play off eachother. I am kinda addicted..

  10. danyelliott Says:

    That really is our attorney! Haaaa!!!!!!

  11. MisoSoup Says:

    This is my first podcast and now I want to listen to the previous 2! I am now an instant fan, and on Twitter now because of this show and Sam’s website.

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