Growing Pains


What do we think about the movie everyone is talkin’ about? The BART shooting? Joe Budden vs. Ransom? Is DJ Vlad a journalist? Does YN smoke herb with rappers? What’s the secret to Danyel’s whole wheat pasta recipe?

All these things are discussed and all things are possible in the world of danyelliott. Overseen by Sam “What You Want Me To Do I’m Sorry” Han, our new super engineer/producer—we’re here to entertain you on the Lord’s Day. In spite of a few glitches, we think we’re on to something here.

You be the judge.

Here’s podcast #2 for you and your crew:

Til the next episode,



4 Responses to “Growing Pains”

  1. gravity508 Says:

    this is cool! keep it going

  2. Monty K. Williams Says:

    This is inspiring!

  3. Coolhand Luke Says:

    I think your discussion on what constitutes journalism was hella interesting. I think technology has merely broadened the definition and democratized the field a bit, so I think it’s fair to call flip cammers & bloggers journalists as long as they are analyzing real happenings. I think without this outlet, journalism can become a bit too stuffy and narrow in perspective. I don’t think you need a big name behind you to be legit, but Danyel’s on point for distinguishing between journalism and GOOD journalism. Any of us can start a blog, but if we are merely reposting things from other sites without analyzing things or contributing anything new to the discussion, then we are not journalists.

    I understand that new kids coming up without traditional journalistic training can feel a little like jumping from high school to the pros, but do we slap back the LeBrons just because they didn’t go the same route?

    In a shameless case of self promotion, my blog on Bay Area hip-hop and issues of social and musical significance in Oakland, CA can be found at I can also be twitted @

    Lastly, I have the same beef with whole wheat pasta, so Ima have to try Mrs. Smith’s experimentation. Keep it up guys! Love it

  4. khal Says:

    +10 for the take it personal instrumental. and i also feel you guys on the whole wheat pasta…

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