It’s a Demo


Hey the wife and I got bored during the holiday weekend and decided to attempt to do a podcast. The sound quality is shit (Analog tape recorder) but there are worse ways to waste an hour or so of your time on a Sunday. Enjoy yourself like the Jacksons.

Here’s the link:

P.S. This is our dog, Rosie. She’s responsible for the squeaky noises in the cluttered mix.



13 Responses to “It’s a Demo”

  1. blah. Says:

    man&wife tv rip off? kind of….

  2. khal Says:

    2 points on title alone – listening now.

  3. ChicaGOrilla Says:

    Rocking the adidas! DIG THAT!

  4. Daily Recap - 1/5/09 at Says:

    […] Danyelliot Podcast […]

  5. DJ Diva Says:

    you guys are sooo cute…LMAO @BigLove..I will repost…I hope you don’t mind..

  6. Marvin Says:

    I enjoyed it. You just need to hook up the Garage Band and an internet mic and you’re rolling.

  7. Mister F. Says:

    YN, what is it with you journalism vets totally abandoning the underground all together. And don’t say no crazy smack like “ain’t no underground anymore”. Cause you know exactly what I’m referring to when I say underground. You and Danyel sound dope together. But still, yo . . . boom bap, nigga, boom bap.

  8. tha Connoisseur Says:

    Y’all are a trip.

    Talk about insight (squeak squeak) into some musical convos and (squeak squeak) just plain ol shit on the mind. Love it. And don’t forget (squeak) to give Rosie her shine.

    Looking forward to hearing round 2. Bring it.

  9. TC Says:

    Bout time.

  10. dieseljohnson Says:

    i enjoyed it. Love the debate about Jeezy versus Wayne as the artist of the year.

  11. becky Says:

    i just posted over at ‘caught in the web’ and caught this link. i loved the podcasts – you two are amazing.

  12. vrsoul Says:

    exactly how i imaged in her.

    Check out my blog sometime. Its just me writing..i would appreciate if you commented on my writing also..Thanks!

  13. Mimi Says:

    how cute is this.

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